Sec 2 Streaming (IP) - Subject Option Exercise 2014

23 Nov 2014
The Results for Sec 2 Streaming (IP) are ready for Viewing.
Please note that pupils who are currently taking Third Languages, Malay Special Programme (MSP) and Music will continue to do so in Sec 3 IP. These subjects will not be shown.
Pupils who have indicated their interest in taking Art or Music (new pupils) in Sec 3 IP will be informed if their applications are successful in late December 2014.
If you face any difficulties in viewing the Streaming Results, please click on the "Support" tab for assistance."

22 Nov 2014
The Results for Sec 2 Streaming (IP) will be released shortly. Please wait for announcement.

04 Nov 2014
Today is the last day to submit your choices.

This is the Subject Option Exercise for Secondary 2 (IP) students going on to Secondary Three in 2015.
All students are to login and make their options.
Students are advised to choose their subject combinations based on their interest, ability and aptitude.
A hard copy of the options with parent's/guardian's acknowledgement is to be submitted to General Office by Wed 5 November (12pm).

Note on 2nd Optional Subject
The SCGS Academies are a core component of Passion Pursuit in Years 3 and 4.
All Sec 2 IP students are to indicate and rank their choice of Academy, out of the 4 options below.
- Math & Science Academy
- Liberal Arts Academy
- Business Academy
- Leadership Academy
You will indicate your choice of Academy under “2nd Optional Subject”.
You must rank all 4 Academies in order of preference.
If you do not do so, the school reserves the right to make the decision of the Academy you will be placed in.   

29 October 2014 (Wed) 6.00 pm to 04 November 2014 (Tue) 11.45 pm

User Guide for IP Students

Secondary 1 to 3 Enhanced Enrichment Programme (EEP) 2014

1. Please login and check the assigned class, date, time and venue for your assigned modules. 
2. Read the attached FAQs to ensure that you understand the instructions given at the briefing conducted  by your FTs/CFTs.
3. Make sure you know the exact location of the venue. Consult your teachers if you are not sure.

Should you encounter any problems accessing the information, please contact our technical support using the Support Link. Provide your Name, and Class if you are not able to login.

Thank you and enjoy your Enhanced Enrichment Programme!

Project Work 2014 Submission of Proposals (Deadline 7 February 2014)

You should login using the following default username and password if they have not changed them.

Username: S1234567A (S1234567A is the nric no of the student)
Password: 22081999 (date of birth of student in ddmmyyyy format)

Use the Support Link to contact us if you are not able to login.

Group Formation

  • All Sec 2 Groups should be made up of 5 members each.
  • All Sec 3 Groups should be made up of 4 members each.

Project Work Group Leaders

  • Appoint one member among yourselves to be the Group Leader.  The Group Leader will upload the proposal on behalf of the whole team.
  • Do remember to update the Group Members immediately after you have submitted your proposal. Otherwise, you and your group members will not be able to view the submitted proposals.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link if you have problem with the proposal submission or if you encounter any problem in the portal.

Sec 2 and Sec 3 students

  • All sec 2 and sec 3 students please update your email address via "My Account".

How to submit a Project Work proposal?

  1. Login with your student account. Must update your email address via My Account. See FAQ if you are not able to login.
  2. Goto "Project Work" and create a new project work. Make sure you fill up all the fields.
  3. Goto "Group" and add your group members.
  4. Click on Save to submit.

How to submit a Project Work reports?

  1. Login and proceed to your PW.
  2. Click on Edit and proceed to the Files section to add the reports and upload.
  3. Remember to Save.
  4. Reports are only viewable by the Group Leader and Mentor.

Project Work Mentors

  1. Login and view the list of project works you are mentoring under "Project Work".
  2. Click on the title of the PW and you should be able to edit, group, and grade the Project Work.
  3. Contact us via the "Support" link if you are not able to do the above.


Student should login using the following username and password. 
Username: S1234567A (S1234567A is the nric no of the student)
Password: 22081999 (date of birth of student in ddmmyyyy format)

Parents/guardians should login using their own username and password.
Username: S1234567A-P (S1234567A is the nric no of the student)
Password: 22081999 (date of birth of student in ddmmyyyy format)

Usernames and passwords from other platforms will not work here.

Contace us via the "Support" Link with your Nric No, Name, and Class. 
The "Request New Password" will not work if you have not updated your email address in this website.

e-Progress Report System

e-Progress Report System gives parents/guardian timely feedback on their daughter’s/ ward’s academic progress throughout the term as it computes the cumulative CA marks based on assessments which have been completed.
You will be able to access the system following the instructions given in the attached User Guide for Parents.
Please note that
1.      Different subjects may have different number of components for CA1, CA2 and CA3;
2.      At any point in time, the calculated marks for CA may not be the final marks. This is because some of the component marks may be outstanding.
If you need help with login or registration, contact us via the Support LInkt.
Include your NRIC No and date of birth when requesting for reset of password.

Appeal for change of subject combination for IP

If you wish to appeal for a change in subject combination, please email your request to Mrs Shermaine Tang (,
cc. Mrs Amanda Chia (, Miss Vivienne Pang ( and Mrs Rosemary Song (

Please indicate the subject combination you have been allocated and the subject combination your wish to appeal for.  Also indicate the reason of your appeal.  All requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Deadline : Thursday 27 Nov 12 noon.

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