Student should login using the following username and password. 
Username: S1234567A (S1234567A is the nric no of the student)
Password: 22081999 (date of birth of student in ddmmyyyy format)

Parents/guardians should login using their own username and password.
Username: S1234567A-P (S1234567A is the nric no of the student)
Password: 22081999 (date of birth of student in ddmmyyyy format)

Usernames and passwords from other platforms will not work here.

Contact us via the "Support" Link with your Nric No, Name, and Class. 
The "Request New Password" will not work if you have not updated your email address in this website.

e-Progress Report System

e-Progress Report System gives parents/guardian timely feedback on their daughter’s/ ward’s academic progress throughout the term as it computes the cumulative CA marks based on assessments which have been completed.
You will be able to access the system following the instructions given in the attached User Guide for Parents.
Please note that
1.      Different subjects may have different number of components for CA1, CA2 and CA3;
2.      At any point in time, the calculated marks for CA may not be the final marks. This is because some of the component marks may be outstanding.
If you need help with login or registration, contact us via the Support LInkt.
Include your NRIC No and date of birth when requesting for reset of password.

Accepting Parent's letter


Area of Innovation: 
Organizational effectiveness
Present situation: 

Currently absence of students can only be covered by MC.  

Suggestion for improvement: 

To allow up to 2 parents' letter of valid excuse to cover absence of students.  This is to allow for greater flexibility as well as to be in line with the policy for civil service.



Remarks by Evaluator




Project Work 2015 Allocation

Dear students,

Please check out the mentors assigned to your groups (especially for those in OPP groups).  Meet your mentors on 26 Feb 2015 at the venues stated here for consultation. The lecture on Data Collection will be postponed to 5 March in KA, only for Sec 2 students.  Sec 3 groups may continue meeting your mentors on weeks where there are lectures.
Students not assigned any mentors (because you have not registered in any groups) or have questions about the groupings will need to meet Mr Tan CW at Comp Lab 2 on 26 Feb from 1.00 - 1.50 pm.

PW Committee 2015

PW on 29/1 & 5/2 and Special Projects Venues

Attention all Sec 2 and 3 students

Project Work for 29/1 and 5/2 will be Topic Exploration and Work on Proposals in your own form classes for OPP projects.   Your FT or CT, or another teacher will be with you.

Students selected into Special Projects will start your meetings in the venues as given here.  Students who are not sure if you have been selected in the Special Projects should remain with your classrooms.

Project Work Committee 2015

Special Projects Venues 2015.pdf11.35 KB

Registration of Project Work Groups and Submission of Proposals

Dear S2 and S3 students,

Here are the instructions for registration of groups and submission of proposals.

A reminder of the deadlines:

30 January 2015
Registration of Project Groups: 4 members per group - only the leader need to go in and register
Fill in all fields even if your proposal is not fina - you may update these proposals later.

6 February 2015
Submission of Proposal - ensure that your proposals are updated.

You will be notified of your mentor at a later time.

Project Work Committee 2015

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